Royal Salute For Bermuda Regiment Soldiers

The Bermuda Regiment s Royal Patron has sent a personal message of thanks for its response to a double hit by major storms. HRH the Duchess of Gloucester, the Colonel-in-Chief of the Regiment, wrote to CO Lt Col Michael Foster-Brown to thank the Island s soldiers for their hard work after Bermuda was hit by Tropical Storm Fay and Hurricane Gonazalo in quick succession. She said, I have followed the progress of Hurricane Gonzalo 1 with concern and am very relieved that the results weren t more serious.

I am very much aware that the Regiment has done a superb job in getting Bermuda back to normal business so quickly and that very many of its personnel have now been working on clearing up, from Gonzalo and from Tropical Storm Fay, for what is now a long time. The Duchess added: I am conscious that personnel have been doing this work for the wider community when the demands of clearing up and repairing their own family homes will often have been on their minds. The Regiment s contribution to getting the airport open so quickly has clearly been particularly important.

And she told the Island s soldiers: You have obviously worked very effectively with not only your counterparts from other Bermuda organisations but also with the shore parties from HMS Argyll. I would like to pass on my thanks and congratulations on the Regiment s good work and great effort. Col Foster-Brown said: We re very grateful for her concern and good wishes for the Regiment and Island as a whole.

We also conscious that our mission is not complete and there is much work yet to be done. The Duchess has been Royal patron and Colonel-in-Chief of the Regiment since 2006, replacing the late HRH The Princess Margaret. The Duchess personally visited the Regiment on overseas camp in the UK in 2007.

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Royal Salute For Bermuda Regiment Soldiers

Army officers lead the way on the future of engineering …

Earlier this month, Major Oli Morgan and Major Pip Lines were awarded for their work skills on the high-tech SSC project. The Bloodhound project aims to inspire young people into careers in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) by building a car capable of 1,000 miles per hour. Major Morgan from Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) leads a team of 6 REME engineers who are involved in building the car.

And it s this commitment to the future of engineering that has led Major Morgan to be named as the 2014 Modern Day Visionary by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Since 2012, Major Morgan has been responsible for overseeing a small team of REME engineers who undertake 6-month placements on the Bloodhound project. Major Oli Morgan Major Morgan said: It is a real privilege for our soldiers both regulars and reserves – to be working on the Bloodhound Project with some of the best Engineers Britain has to offer.

Tradesmen get an engineering master-class during their attachment to the 1,000 miles per hour project and are able to reinvest knowledge of high tech, tech processes and work practices that they ve learned. It s a once in a generation opportunity that benefits all of us. As well as managing the team of REME 1 expert technicians, Major Morgan also manages over 150 Bloodhound educational ambassadors who visit schools and take part in events to help children find out about engineering.

Class act One of the STEM ambassadors is qualified engineer Major Lines who was attached with 6 Battalion REME. Earlier this year, she took part at the Farnborough Air Show and the Goodwood Festival of Speed where she spent time teaching children about the supersonic car, and explaining the science and engineering behind it. Major Pip Lines Photograph by Perou Major Lines said: It s hands on as the kids design and test cars on the track.

They were genuinely really excited by that. The great thing with having girls on the project is that it highlights to girls that engineering is an option. Major Lines desire to teach children about engineering goes back to when she was a student.

When she was a youngster, she hadn t really heard of engineering and didn t understand what it could offer her. Luckily for Major Lines, she had a female physics teacher who happened to be an engineer. Major Lines recalls how she got into engineering: My teacher explained about what it was and pushed me to attend events similar to the ones I teach children at now.

I got to see what engineering was and meet female engineers and I knew then it was something I wanted to do. If I can do the same and inspire people who are in a position like I once was, then that would be great. Award winning Major Lines s determination in inspiring children to take up science and engineering led her to receive Marie-Claire s Women at the Top Award 2 in September.

She said: Winning the award was out of the blue, but it was a great opportunity to get the idea of engineering and the role of the forces out there. If someone can open a magazine and read about it and it inspires them to find out more about either becoming an engineer or joining the army, then that s a good thing. This year over 40,000 children have received a lesson on Bloodhound and Army ambassadors have been a part of this success story.

The goal by 2018 is that nearly every child in the country will have had a lesson on the car.

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Army officers lead the way on the future of engineering …

Regiment, Royal Navy Join Forces In Repairs – …

The Bermuda Regiment and Royal Navy teams joined forces today Oct 19 in order to help the island s hurricane clear up progress, with the joint teams visiting hospitals, schools, churches, youth training centres and private homes to help patch up the damage caused by Hurricane Gonzalo. One team helped clear a dangerous fallen tree from the grounds of Full Armour Christian Academy, Nursery and Pre-school in Warwick. Owner Juanita Campbell said, I m so grateful and so pleased.

They ve done an excellent job some of the soldiers here are my former students who have come back to help me and I m so happy to see them. Soldiers and sailors also helped clear debris from the Railway Trail in Somerset at the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Church member Kamal Edwards of Sandys said, I m so happy they re here.

The Regiment has done a great job I m proud of them, especially as my son Runekco Edwards is a Sergeant. Navy Petty Officer engineer Dean Gabby Hayes, from Lancashire, England, added, We re pleased to be here and helping. I ve never done anything like this before it s very rewarding and everyone has been so friendly.

Regiment soldier Pte Melissa Brangman said, It s been a really long, busy day, but we ve had a lot of thanks and appreciation from the public. Everybody is letting us know how grateful they are for our work and it s been great working with the Navy. Soldiers and sailors also fitted tarpaulins at the Sea Cadet training centre TS Venture, near Dockyard, which lost most of its roof to the storm.

Venture CO Lt Commander Dwayne Trott said, It s awesome to see these guys at work. Our soldiers are giving something back to the community and teaching young people life skills it s wonderful. Regiment CO Lt Col Michael Foster-Brown said, Many hands make light work thankfully the hurricane for most was not as a bad as feared, but if it had been, these specialised assets would have been even more valuable, especially the helicopter.

And with more of us available we will bounce back and get back to normal even quicker. Progress already has been impressive. Sailors deployed from HMS Argyll, which arrived on Saturday, included heavy and light rescue teams trained in rope work and used to working at heights.

Around 85 sailors and Royal Marines, including specialist electrical engineers to help restore power, were based at Warwick Camp. HMS Argyll s captain, Commander Paul Hammond, said he had been impressed by the commitment and professionalism of the Regiment. One of the reasons the Navy still puts a ship in the Caribbean is to provide disaster relief in the event of a hurricane.

The main role of our team on the ground is extra hands to work with the Regiment to make sure Bermuda is ready for business.

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Regiment, Royal Navy Join Forces In Repairs – …



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