SNAFU!: Parachute Regiment Jackal high mobility vehicle roll-over…

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SNAFU!: Parachute Regiment Jackal high mobility vehicle roll-over…

British Army chiefs urge Cameron act David Haines beheading …

FORMER British Army chiefs have urged David Cameron to act, following the beheading of British aid worker David Haines. Former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, Colonel Richard Kemp Handout Former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, Colonel Richard Kemp has condemned the “cancer” that is the Islamic State following the brutal decapitation. “We must punish those people who did it,” he told Sky News. Col.

Kemp also predicted how the British government would act on the brutal video that emerged late last night. We must punish those people who did it Colonel Richard Kemp “I would guess, in this case, by strikes from the air; possibly by ground forces as well, in due course.” The now-retired colonel suggested that the aim wasn’t necessarily revenge, but the complete elimination of the terrorist group. “This must not be allowed to go unpunished,” he continued. Related articles “In addition to retribution, we have to take action to destroy the Islamic State and prevent them from continuing to spread, continuing to take territory, continuing to murder people, British and other countries as well.” He added: “If we don’t, then the cancer will simply spread and become a greater threat to our country and our allies in the region.” Former head of the British Army Lord Dannatt today suggested that the threat of further beheadings must not stop the UK joining in with international military action against IS.

Lord Dannatt suggested that the allied military should act against the group “in the strongest possible way.” “Even these serial repetitions of murders being put on television screens, they must not lead our governments to conclude that this is too difficult, too dangerous and we do nothing,” he said. “If we do not confront and destroy these Islamic State jihadi fighters then their influence will grow, their confidence will grow and the problem will get bigger. Adding: “We have got to do the right thing even if it’s not currently the popular thing or otherwise we will regret not taking decisive action.” General Sir Peter Wall, however, last week suggested that the UK and other allied countries should be wary of rushing into a war with IS. In an interview, the 59-year-old warned Cameron against making the same mistakes made in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We have to be very careful that we do not get sucked into an international conflict without having a proper understanding of the situation on the ground and providing sufficient military firepower to execute a decisive plan, Sir Peter said.

We were found wanting in both these respects in Iraq and Afghanistan, and it took some time to get things right.

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British Army chiefs urge Cameron act David Haines beheading …

Princess Pat: Chop Down that Tree

My July post about the Princess Pat song 1 and its controversial lyrics brought a flood of comments. They can be divided into two categories: people who insist that the song be sung with the correct lyrics (The Princess Pat, light infantry ) out of respect for this hallowed unit of the Canadian military, and people who favor the garbled camp version (The Princess Pat, lived in a tree .). I also received many links to an Internet post saying that the Princess Pats had actually asked that people stop singing the Tree version.

However, I never found anything to verify that request. So, I decided to ask the soldiers themselves. While I couldn t work in a trip to Canada, I did get in touch with Captain Alan M.

Younghusband, the regimental adjutant. (Yes, Capt. Younghusband, isn t that a great name!) The regimental flag hand sewn by Princess Pat. Although he was traveling (August 2014 was the unit s centennial, and they were quite busy), he promised to investigate the origins of the song in their records.

I received his response a few weeks ago: The origins of the Princess Pat song is one we call The Ric-A-Dam-Doo Song based on the founding of our regiment and the pride we hold in our original camp flag colour (or flag) that is affectionately known as The Ric-A-Dam-Doo which is Gaelic for Cloth of thy mother . Which refers to HRH Princess Patricia (later Lady Patricia Ramsay) working the flag by hand before presenting it to her regiment before they sailed off to the Great War. I ve only ever heard one version of the song (the non-offensive one) and we still use segments of it during Regimental Salutes.

While the colour was retired after surviving WWI , the song is still held within our Regimental Song Book. Thus, the answer seems to be that there was no official request from the unit. Capt.

Younghusband was apparently not even aware of the Tree Version, but he does indirectly refer to it as offensive. I suppose it is then up to each troop to decide which lyrics are respectful. The regiment s lyrics are: Our Ric-a-dam-doo, pray what is that?

Twas made at home by the Princess Pat. Tis Red and Gold and Royal blue. That s what we call our Ric-a-dam-doo.

The wives of the current regiment recorded a beautiful song written by Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance for the centennial. The video 2 includes many photos of the regiment over the years. Proceeds from the song, which is available for purchase from iTunes 3 , will go to Princess Patricia s Light Infantry Foundation, supporting Canadian military service and former military personnel in need.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation released a documentary about the Princess Pats for their centennial, A Battalion Apart 4 . The accompanying website has much more information about the regiment. Thank you Capt.

Younghusband! Like this: Like Loading… Related .

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References ^ Princess Pat Out of Her Tree ( ^ Wives of the Princess Pats ( ^ which is available for purchase from iTunes ( ^ CBC Battalion Apart (

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Princess Pat: Chop Down that Tree



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