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The use of plant based medicine or even psychedelic substances for treating post traumatic stress disorder in soldiers returning from war is not only gaining steam but is possibly one of the best ways we can show the benefit of these treatments for emotional traumas.

1 That is really what we re aiming for, and we re doing it carefully, said Rick Doblin, the executive director of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, which financed the MDMA study. After all this cultural turmoil, the split between the military and the psychedelic community, it would really be something if we could come together and use some of these drugs to help people. The experiment we are going to discuss today though has a different flavor to it however, one that begs the question of why we go to war to begin with.

Previous Military Experiment In an experiment conducted in 1963, a crew of British soldiers were given LSD as part of a morning drink while in the field. As you will see in the video, LSD isn t conducive with violence or war -something we will discuss more below. Fifty minutes after taking the drug, radio communication had become difficult, if not impossible.

But the men are still capable of sustained physical effort; however, constructive action was still attempted by those retaining a sense of responsibility despite their physical symptoms. But one hour and ten minutes after taking the drug, with one man climbing a tree to feed the birds, the troop commander gave up, admitting that he could no longer control himself or his men. He himself then relapsed into laughter.

Exploring The Use Of These Substances You might be sitting there thinking, Did we need LSD to figure out war isn t conducive with our hearts desires? A good question, but when you consider how often we are encouraged to explore our hearts and feelings in our modern day world, including how we interact with other nations, we can quickly see that for many of us it s not so obvious. The exploration of our hearts, love and individual connection with other human beings seems to be a long lost art that as time goes on becomes increasingly less and less of a priority.

Sure, we ve been fighting for years, but it s only gotten worse, way worse. What does that say about our learning? Through media propaganda and fear mongering we ve been convinced on a mass scale that people in other areas of the world want to kill mass amounts of people in other areas of the world and in order to stop it from maybe happening we have to go kill them or take control of their countries.

Unfortunately this belief is very common amongst the population and therefore they see enemies in not only people from other countries but also their own. Just look at the racial wars happening in the US right now. For some of us, without taking these substances we already feel the oneness that exists between us all.

By that I mean the fact we are all the same, no different, just playing out different characters in this world. We feel the love we all are at our core and see no reason and have no feelings to go to war with one another never mind even harm one another. But, for many this can be a great opening to feeling, seeing and understanding this connection, and for that reason utilizing them under the proper circumstances can be very beneficial for us.

I wonder how many of these soldiers had a different perspective following their experience. To be clear, I don t believe these substances can save us or fix everything, in fact simply on their own I think the value may not be extremely high no pun intended. I believe in the proper setting, with the right intention, guidance and exploration of ones self, preferably assisted, these substances have the most value and can make a big impact.

Further Reading We ve covered using these substances as medicine in depth. For more on this topic click here 1 . What are your thoughts?

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The British Army Gives Soldiers LSD During An Experiment: The …

Army Service Numbers 1881-1918: Irish Guards

Here are some more PoWs; this time an edited list of 89 Irish Guards NCOs and men who became prisoners of war on or before 25th December 1914. Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs 1 page. This data has been transcribed from the Imperial War Museum’s collection, specifically item B.O.2 1/140 which is a two-page typed list sent to Sir Ernest Goodhart by the officer in charge of Irish Guards records at Buckingham Gate and dated 29th January 1919.

My full transcription of this Irish Guards PoW collection (not reproduced here) also contains the following information against some or all of the names: Home address Next of kin Next of kin’s address The roll: 3220 Guardsman B G Anderson 1771 Guardsman C Baker 1570 Lance-Corporal J Bracken 4001 Guardsman E W Brown 2160 Guardsman J P Burke 2967 Guardsman J Burke 2997 Guardsman W Burrows 1446 Guardsman M Byrne 3159 Lance-Corporal J Cannon 3902 Guardsman P Cassley 4187 Guardsman P Cavanagh 3014 Guardsman T Cavanagh 3857 Guardsman E Churchouse 3707 Guardsman T Connolly 2221 Guardsman W Connolly 3675 Guardsman P Connelly 4303 Guardsman J Cromwell 4555 Guardsman Michael Deighan 2172 Guardsman J Desmond 4467 Lance-Corporal T Dolan 3727 Guardsman W Donaldson 2678 Guardsman O Donoghue 3952 Guardsman J Doyle 2933 Guardsman E Duggan 1280 Guardsman J Dunne 1920 Guardsman J Ellis 2051 Guardsman J Farmer 3476 Lance-Sergeant J Fay 3922 Guardsman F J Ferman 2681 Guardsman J Fitzpatrick 3392 Sergeant J Flanagan 2158 Guardsman P Fogarty 593 Guardsman P Gilchrist 4339 Guardsman R Glendon 1069 CSM M Graham 3252 Guardsman D Greene 1524 Guardsman G Haslam 3199 Guardsman J Hatton 2107 Sergeant J Hayes 4505 Guardsman P Hayes 4393 Guardsman M Healy 2440 Guardsman P Heslin 3121 Guardsman P Holden 2360 Guardsman S Irvine 3479 Guardsman W Kerr 4335 Lance-Corporal M Kilbride 3208 Guardsman L Kilpatrick 1696 Lance-Corporal W Linane 3491 Guardsman W Leslie 3286 Guardsman T Ludlow 1026 Guardsman A Lynch 58 Guardsman A Macaulay 1945 Lance-Corporal J Mahoney 3574 Guardsman M Mahoney 3126 Guardsman T Mason 1239 Guardsman C McKinley 3612 Guardsman W McDonald 460 Guardsman J McGrory 1519 Guardsman T Meagher 3377 Guardsman J Morris 3658 Lance-Corporal P Morriss 3840 Guardsman J Molloy 2205 Guardsman J Muldoon 972 Guardsman F Murray 4391 Guardsman W Murray 1537 Guardsman D Murphy 2472 Guardsman J Murphy 4184 Guardsman J O’Connell 2475 Guardsman T O’Connell 110 Lance-Corporal J O’Hare 3528 Guardsman J O’Keefe 2435 Guardsman P O’Reilly 4413 Guardsman J O’Sullivan 1527 Guardsman J Parrott 1810 Guardsman M Quinn 3295 Guardsman J Rooney 2886 Guardsman J Roache 3214 Guardsman D Rourke 3557 Guardsman P Ryan 2950 Guardsman P Sheridan 2585 Guardsman F Shortall 3302 Corporal F Stinson 3614 Guardsman J Strutt 3749 Guardsman J Sullivan 2629 Guardsman J Welsh 2510 Sergeant D Walsh 3876 Guardsman E Ward 3395 Guardsman J McWharters 1795 Guardsman P Sullivan 3749 Guardsman J Sullivan Any errors in transcription are my own.

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Army Service Numbers 1881-1918: Irish Guards

Mugging up: Coldstream Guards in concert Music Matters

Last Saturday there was a fantastic concert by the Band of the Coldstream Guards. As expected the band played with military precision, and there were some virtuosic solos from all the sections, including an stunning clarinettist. A group of them even dressed up in 18th century costume and used original instruments (including a serpent) to play a march which Mozart had written for the band and then used in the Marriage of Figaro .

A great evening and Sue and Sophie now have regimental mugs as a memento! Photos, please ?! Ed.

Sue Wanless Report post 1 References ^ Report post (

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Mugging up: Coldstream Guards in concert Music Matters



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