UK Army Colonel wants Konami's Six Days in Fallujah banned …

T he premise of Konami s upcoming Six Days in Fallujah for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC is intriguing: it s a survival horror game set during the Second Battle of Fallujah in the Iraq War. But no Silent Hill this: like Jacob s Ladder , the horror comes from the unpredictable, terrifying, and very real tactics employed by the insurgents that were scattered throughout Fallujah. By all descriptions, it sounds like Konami has tried to do something far more interesting and artistically interesting with the horrors of the Iraq War than merely release a Call of Duty clone.

But that s certainly not stopping stupid criticism: a British Army colonel is calling for the game to be banned in the UK. According to the colonel: Considering the enormous loss of life in the Iraq War, glorifying it in a video game demonstrates very poor judgement and bad taste. It is particularly crass when you consider what actually happened in Fallujah It s a depressingly simplistic argument albeit one ubiquitous not just in Britain s nanny-state culture, but in America as well.

The shrill cry of Too soon! As if the goal of art was to be sensitive to the arbitrary observation of grief, as opposed to prompting people to examine it. Whether video games are art is debatable, of course although there s no doubt they could be.

And there s no telling before the game comes out if Six Days in Fallujah deals with its subject matter with something more sophisticated than mere exploitation.

But even exploitative trash has its place in helping us understand and deal with our cultural tragedies.

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UK Army Colonel wants Konami's Six Days in Fallujah banned …

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