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October 7, 2010 Department of Veterans Affairs Ottawa The Honourable Jean-Pierre Blackburn, Minister of Veterans Affairs and Minister of State (Agriculture), and the Honourable Stockwell Day, President of the Treasury Board and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway, announced today up to $20,000 in federal government support for a project in Victoria, British Columbia to honour Veterans and those who made the ultimate sacrifice. “By restoring monuments and cenotaphs across the country, we are ensuring that all Canadians have beautiful places to pay homage to the men and women who have fought for our freedom,” said Minister Blackburn. “Communities from coast-to-coast-to-coast will be able to enjoy these areas of remembrance for years to come.” The Canadian Scottish Board of Regimental Trustees will receive funding to restore the Canadian Scottish Regimental Cenotaph in Victoria. This cenotaph is in memory of all ranks of the Canadian Scottish Regiment who gave their lives for the cause of freedom in the two world wars and is sacred to the memory of fallen comrades of the Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s). Restoration included replacing the perimeter chain with a low metal fence and replacing damaged posts; landscaping; improving area lighting; repointing mortar joints; reapplying paint to inscriptions; and cleaning the monument surface. “Our government is committed to restoring the cenotaphs and monuments in our communities throughout the country,” said Minister Day. “Projects like these mean much more than just bricks and mortar; they bring communities together to commemorate the sacrifices of our Veterans.” This is one of eleven community-led projects receiving a total of $110,120 announced this month by the Government of Canada through Veterans Affairs Canada’s Cenotaph/Monument Restoration Program.

Applications to the Cenotaph/Monument Restoration Program are accepted throughout the year. Non-profit groups and other organizations interested in restoring local memorials may be eligible for funding. Please visit 2 for a backgrounder on this project.

To learn more about the Cenotaph/Monument Restoration Program or to apply for funding, you can visit the Web site 3 or call 1-866-522-2122 .

Complete Project List 4 Backgrounder – Cenotaph/Monument Restoration Program: British Columbia 5 30 Media Enquiries Date modified: 2014-01-07 References ^ contact us ( ^ Cenotaph/Monument Restoration Program: British Columbia ( ^ Cenotaph/Monument Restoration Program ( ^ Complete Project List ( ^ Cenotaph/Monument Restoration Program: British Columbia (

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ARCHIVED – Government Of Canada Funds Restoration Of The …

Princess Diana killed by UK special forces? 'Hogwash' and 'utter …

LONDON — The ravings of a deluded special forces soldier, hogwash and utter nonsense. Those were just some of the judgments passed on the claim that members of U.K. s elite special forces regiment, the SAS, were behind the murder of Princess Diana.

Even the reporter who broke the news said Monday that he doubted the allegation was true. But it was a story that caught the imagination of the many in the U.K. – where Diana’s death had an impact similar to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy – jumping to the top of most popular lists on media websites.

And the claim is being taken seriously enough to prompt police action. When asked to comment on whether they were looking into alleged SAS involvement, London s Metropolitan Police confirmed officers were scoping information that has recently been received in relation to the deaths and assessing its relevance and credibility. This is not a re-investigation, police stressed in a statement, noting a jury had decided in 2008 that Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed were unlawfully killed because of the grossly negligent driving of the following vehicles and of the Mercedes in which they were travelling.

EPA/Paul Vicente The death of Diana, Princess of Wales, pictured in July 1997 a few weeks before the car crash that killed her, led to an outpouring of national grief in the U.K. Driver Henri Paul was found to have been over the legal alcohol limit when the car crashed in a tunnel in Paris on Aug.

31, 1997, while it was being followed by paparazzi photographers. Paul also died.

The claim that the SAS was involved in Diana s death emerged over the weekend in a report in the Sunday People newspaper 1 . It was allegedly made by a member of the SAS, known as Soldier N, according to a letter sent to his commanding officer by the parents of his wife. In the letter, they complained Soldier N was threatening to kill them and intimidate their daughter.

The letter emerged during a court martial of a former SAS soldier who was found to have illegally possessed a gun. However, the abbreviation “SAS” – for Special Air Service 2 – was redacted and replaced with Xs before it was given to the court. He also told her the daughter that it was the XXX who arranged Princess Diana s death and that has been covered up, the letter said, according to the respected Channel 4 News, which has seen the letter 3 .

So what chance do my daughter and I stand against his threats? The letter went on to say that the soldier had admitted killing women and children while serving with the SAS. He insists on telling us about his killing escapades whilst working in his job.

How he has killed women and children and a priest, whose big toe kept on wiggling although he was dead, it said. Jobson told NBC s TODAY on Monday that there s no evidence to support the idea Diana was killed by the SAS. If Princess Diana had been wearing a seatbelt, she would have lived.

So how on earth could this be an assassination? he said. The reality is Princess Diana wasn t murdered.

She was driven by a drunk driver at high speed being chased by the paparazzi. On Twitter 4 , Jobson said Soldier N had let his regiment down by talking such hogwash, describing him as clearly a deluded member of the SAS who needs a little TLC. Jobson and Sean Rayment 5 , a respected defense and security journalist who wrote the story in the Sunday People, were embroiled Monday in a Twitter spat over the story.

This really is ridiculous. Secret services bumped Diana off. No they didn t, Jobson tweeted at Rayment, slamming it as tabloid hype.

Rayment responded with Did you read the story? and defended it by saying he was simply reporting the SAS soldier s claim. Nothing personal Sean, Jobson replied.

But just my view. It is August. There has been 16 years of this rubbish.

I don’t think anyone actually believes the SAS killed D. But the claim was made by a member of the Reg, Rayment said. Actually Sean after your story there will be some people who believe it.

That is the point, Jobson hit back. Dai Davies, former head of the royal protection team, told ITV News 6 that the deaths were an accident by any definition, and three separate inquiries … have come to the same independent conclusion.

I am absolutely convinced this was an accident so I’m mystified, after 13 years, how any new information can possibly allege anything other than this was a tragic accident, he said. And Colonel Tim Collins, a former SAS officer, told the Mirror newspaper that the claims were utter nonsense 7 . However, there are some who insist there was a conspiracy, chiefly Mohamed Al Fayed, Dodi’s father.

The wealthy former owner of London’s Harrods department store has accused British spy agency MI6 and Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth, of being behind the deaths of Diana and his son. A spokeswoman for Al Fayed said in an emailed statement that he had no comment to give on the latest claims. However, she added: He notes the Metropolitan Police’s statement that it is investigating and trusts that their investigation will be thorough and awaits the outcome with interest.

Related: First published February 3 2014, 5:40 PM References ^ in a report in the Sunday People newspaper ( ^ for Special Air Service ( ^ according to the respected Channel 4 News, which has seen the letter ( ^ On Twitter ( ^ Sean Rayment ( ^ told ITV News ( ^ utter nonsense (

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Princess Diana killed by UK special forces? 'Hogwash' and 'utter …

Princess Diana – Lady Diana Spencer > News 2014

Photo: The ex-wife of Soldier N says she now fears for her own safety after claiming to have been threatened by an SAS officer. The former wife of an SAS sniper has sensationally claimed that she was paid cash to buy her silence about his astonishing accusation that Princess Diana was murdered by the elite regiment. The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons but who we will call Sarah, says she was given a brown envelope stuffed with bank notes by an SAS officer who told her to keep quiet about Diana .

The sniper s claim that the SAS was behind Princess Diana s death emerged last year at the court martial of Sergeant Danny Nightingale, who was found guilty of illegally possessing a handgun and ammunition. Yesterday, speaking for the first time about her nightmare marriage to the sniper known as Soldier N who made the claim 40-year-old Sarah revealed that: Scotland Yard detectives who probed the alleged SAS link to Princess Diana s death are themselves now under scrutiny by the Metropolitan Police s Serious Misconduct Investigation Unit over claims that they intercepted an email sent by the wife of Soldier N. An SAS officer warned her that she would end up dead like the Woolwich soldier Lee Rigby if she gave evidence that undermined her former husband s witness testimony at Nightingale s court martial.

She told SAS top brass in 2010 that her husband was unstable and should not deploy to Afghanistan the following year. Soldier N was later found guilty of illegally possessing a high-powered pistol, a silencer, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and a hand grenade. Sarah, who is in hiding as she now fears for her own safety, said: The threatening and sinister way that the SAS dealt with me made what my husband had said about the regiment s role in Diana s death all the more believable.

I had never been handed 500 before and told to keep quiet about the payment and what it was for. They wanted me to keep quiet about Diana and SAS operations. But I couldn t stay silent about something so serious.

The payment was deeply suspicious and made me very uncomfortable. Soldier N s claim that the SAS killed Princess Diana was made in a letter written by the woman s mother to the regiment s Commanding Officer (CO) in September 2011. Sarah says that weeks later she was visited at her marital home by an SAS officer.

Soon after that, she had another meeting with a representative from a Services charity and two SAS officers who told her they were visiting her on behalf of the Commanding Officer. At this meeting Sarah says the SAS officers repeatedly denied another claim made by Soldier N also detailed in the letter sent to the SAS Commanding Officer that troops from the elite regiment would encourage each other with rewards to harass or harm individuals who were causing them difficulties. The soldiers would apparently write the person s name, address and details on a slip of paper and place this in a box along with a cash payment.

Another meeting between the SAS officer and Sarah took place in early 2012 when, she says, the officer handed over a brown envelope containing 500 and insisted that she should never discuss the payment with anyone, or discuss the Diana claim with anyone. Photo: Sergeant Danny Nightingale with his wife Sally. Sarah said last night: The strange thing was that at no time during this meeting did the officers mention what my ex-husband had said about the SAS being involved in Princess Diana s death.

Indeed, the contents of the letter only became public knowledge last year following Sgt Nightingale s second court martial for possessing the gun and ammunition, when Soldier N appeared as a prosecution witness for the Army against Sgt Nightingale. Sarah said: The fact that they stayed silent about Diana compounded my belief that my ex-husband had told me the truth in 2008 when he talked about an SAS soldier directing a beam of light into the eyes of Princess Diana s chauffeur as their Mercedes entered the Pont d Alma road tunnel. My husband had added that after the SAS had caused the car to crash, a soldier had run back to the wreckage and looked inside to see how badly Princess Diana was hurt.

Apparently he then gave a signal to a colleague that their mission had been successful. So now I m convinced that this operation is the SAS s big secret. Yet another meeting with the SAS took place in June last year, and it left Sarah terrified.

She says that at that meeting the SAS officer suggested that she could end up dead like the Woolwich soldier Lee Rigby if she spoke out against the regiment. At the time she was separated from Soldier N and was struggling to pay her household bills. The officer collected the payment notices and promised her that he would take care of them for her.

But just as he was leaving Sarah s house the conversation apparently took a dark turn and she was asked whether she was going to give evidence against the Army in its case against Sgt Nightingale, due to take place the following month. Sarah recalled: The officer said that if I spoke out in support of Danny, and against my former husband who was the Army s main prosecution witness, I might have cause to worry about my safety and my children s safety. I was already shocked but he then said that if I went public with anything I knew I could end up dead like the Woolwich soldier .

He was staring at me the whole time he was saying this and he was very intimidating. I was really trembling as he left my house. Thankfully I had arranged for Theresa Lumby from the charity Women s Aid to be present.

She heard what the officer was saying to me and gave a statement to Danny Nightingale s solicitor, Simon McKay. Ms Lumby declined to comment on the incident last night, but Mr McKay said: Theresa Lumby overheard a conversation between the officer from the SAS and the former wife of Soldier N which touched on the fate of the Woolwich soldier Lee Rigby. The impression of Theresa and the former wife was that this comment and others made by the officer about potential threats were intended to dissuade her from giving evidence on behalf of Sergeant Nightingale at his second court martial.

The incident was reported to the Service Prosecuting Authority as the defence was concerned it may amount to an attempt to intimidate a witness. Mr McKay added: This is a matter of deep concern. The Metropolitan Police s standards unit has now launched an investigation.

Even though two inquiries by Scotland Yard and the French police had found Princess Diana s death was an accident, the claim included in Sarah s mother s letter led to the Metropolitan Police to reopen Operation Paget, the official UK investigation into the fatal accident in Paris on August 31, 1997. This led to yet another bizarre twist in the tale. As part of the new inquiry, on August 28 last year Sarah and her mother attended a police station in West Wales where they were interviewed by two senior detectives.

At this meeting the officers handed her a copy of an email she had sent to her lawyer detailing her husband s erratic behaviour during their marriage. The 17-page document also briefly mentioned Soldier N s claim that the SAS had assassinated Princess Diana. Sarah said last night: When I saw the statement I was shocked because I knew that I had not sent the email to anyone other than my divorce lawyer. ‘Later I confirmed with her that she had not sent the email to any third party.

So I am sure that the police intercepted this email. Scotland Yard s Serious Misconduct Investigation Unit is now investigating how their officers came to have a copy of the email. A Scotland Yard spokesman said: We are aware of the complaint which is the subject of an ongoing investigation.

And an Ministry of Defence spokesman said: As the Metropolitan Police have said previously, when considering the allegations made in this letter they have found no evidential basis upon which to open any criminal investigation.

We take the welfare of our troops and their dependants extremely seriously and it is normal for service personnel and their families to be briefed on personal security measures, especially so at a time when they are likely to receive a high level of media attention.

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