Coldstream Guards set off on long march to London

THREE hundred and fifty years ago General Monck and 6000 troops left a cold and frosty Coldstream to march to London where they helped restore the monarch to the throne. Today, 90 Coldstream Guards set out on exactly the same journey in similar conditions. Led by Major James Coleby, the 7th Company Coldstream Guards were given a rousing send off from Coldstream by local residents and the Old Coldstream Corp of Drums who escorted them to Coldstream Bridge, as they headed for Berwick on the first leg of their 26-day journey.

The Corps of Drums waited for the soldiers at the entrance to Henderson Park, where Brigadier Jonathan Bourne-May took the salute and told the men: “You have an ardous and challenging task ahead of you. “Monck’s actions helped restore the monarchy to the throne. It was an act which was the cornerstone of the modern British army, and an act of great significance. “For the Coldstreamers 350 years ago the weather was very similar, the chaplain at the time recorded that the frost was great and the snow greater and they saw no bare earth from here to London. “You can console yourself that you aren’t having to ford the Tweed. There was a bridge at the time but it wasn’t big enough for all 6000 of them get over.” He went on to add that he had spoken to his counterpart with the 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards, who are out in Afghanistan, who wished the soldiers good luck with their march south.

Also had the ceremony was the vicar of Berwick, Canon Alan Hughes who told the guardsmen that he had been sent by the Mayor and Freemen of Berwick to invite them to attend a service of welcome at Berwick Parish Church on the Wednesday evening “that we might honour your epic endeavour and pray for a safe and successful outcome, as you raise funds for The Army Benevolent Fund”.

The Coldstream Guards are due to arrive at Tower Hill on January 31, all going well doing the journey eight days quicker than General Monck’s men.

Anyone wanting to make a donation in recognition of this epic march by the 90 Coldstream Guards can do so by visiting

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Coldstream Guards set off on long march to London

Welsh Guards Granted Honorary Freedom Of The Borough …

Hundreds gathered in Wrexham today to watch the Welsh Guards being granted the Honorary Freedom of the Borough. The Welsh Guards marched from Hightown Barracks, through the town centre before arriving at Llwyn Isaf for an official ceremony to grant the regiment the title of Honorary Freedom of the Borough. Today s parade was the first time the Guards had marched through Wrexham since 2010 as part of a tour of Wales.

The Freedom of the County Borough was granted to the Welsh Guards in March earlier this year, to recognise the contribution the Welsh Guards has made to the County Borough and their relationship with the Authority and people of Wrexham The Welsh Guards were formed on 26 February 1915 by Royal Warrant of His Majesty King George V and will celebrate their centenary next year. Since its formation the Regiment has had many historic links with the county borough not least that it has recruited many men from the area to serve in the Regiment. The Welsh Guards Falkland Islands Association Memorial to those Guardsmen that died during that conflict is situated at Llwyn Isaf, Wrexham and every July the event is commemorated in St Giles Parish Church.

A new display at Wrexham Museum has also been launched to mark the granting of the Freedom of the Borough to the Welsh Guards. The musuem is the venue for a new display of uniforms and headgear from the Welsh Guards Collection, Park Hall, Oswestry. The new display has been curated with the assistance of former members of the Welsh Guards to mark the granting of the Freedom of the Borough.

The Welsh Guards objects will remain on display until after Armistice Day

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Welsh Guards Granted Honorary Freedom Of The Borough …

thEUnit Nightly News 16th July 2014

From thEUnit website In our drive to survive, we’ve introduced new features onto thEUnit website and I’ll have more details on these items at the end of this newsletter. But first I have some very sad news. Trevor Colman called me earlier today, with the tragic news that my friend and colleague, Ralph Gay, has died.

Ralph was chairman of the Exeter branch of the UK Independence Party and I had the great pleasure to work with him on many occasions. He was an incredibly deliberate man, full of passion and conviction. I loved to hear the stories of his time in the SAS Regiment and tales of protection duty for the Queen Mother.

I know he will be sadly missed, God be with you Ralph… Shalom. My friends, it’s Wednesday 16th of July this is TheEUnit Nightly News.

1. Authorities ‘don’t have a clue’ how many ILLEGAL foreign drivers are on UK roads Foreign drivers pose an incalculable danger to other road users, the RAC claimed yesterday, because the authorities ‘don’t have a clue’ how many are illegal. It is reckoned that 15,000 foreigners fail to register their vehicles ‘costing 3million a year in tax ‘ but the RAC says the actual number is far more given that 2.5 million cars each year use Eurotunnel.

Unregistered cars escape MoT tests, avoid speeding and parking fines, go uninsured and are so hard to trace they are used by criminals. But although the UK Border Force logs cars on entry, the information is not given to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, nor to the police. Pete Williams, of the RAC, said: ‘It is beyond belief that in the 21st century Government agencies are not sharing information.’ Read More 1 2.

Revealed: How Brussels red tape leaves British pensioners 600 A YEAR worse off than Americans Retired Britons get 600-a-year less than those in America because of EU red tape strangling people’s pension pots, research has revealed. OAPs in the UK can expect a pay out of around 2,850 a year from a 50,000 retirement pot. But in the States, pensioners with the same size nest egg will get 3,450.

Pension experts say this 50-a-month gulf is because EU financial regulation is twice as strict as that in the States. EU rules force British insurance companies to hold twice as much cash in reserve compared to those in the US driving down the amount they can pay out in annuities to pensioners. Read More 2 3.

Power grab for taxman criticised as ‘sinister’ Employees will not be told about changes to their tax codes for 30 days in HMRC move which could see people forced to pay more than they owe. Millions of people face seeing money disappear from their bank accounts without being told after a “sinister” power grab by the taxman, experts have warned. HM Revenue and Customs wants to delay telling employees about changes in their tax-codes for up to a month, which could see people paying more tax than they owe.

Cast your minds back to the bank deposit bail-ins that took place in Cyprus. Remember that what was actually levied was a depositors tax, whereby a percentage of savings over a certain base amount, in this case 40% on values above 100,000 euro’s. Such a depositors tax is administered by the revenue, so these changes to the law provide the mechanism by which the same could be implemented here in the UK.

Read More 3 4. EU Takes UK To Court over Leisure Fuel The European Commission is taking the United Kingdom to the EU’s Court of Justice in the latest move in a long-running dispute over Britain’s policy of allowing private leisure craft to use low-tax red diesel. In a statement issued yesterday, the commission said it had decided to take Britain to court for “not properly applying the rules on fiscal marking on fuel.” Under EU rules, fuel that can benefit from a reduced tax rate has to be marked by coloured dye.

Fishing vessels and farming machinery for example, are allowed to benefit from a lower taxed fuel, but the commission insists private leisure boats must use fuel subject to a standard rate. Red diesel can be up to 40 per cent cheaper than fuel sold in petrol stations in the UK. The UK government does require boats using red diesel to pay full duty.

Read More 4 5. New Surveillance Laws Emergency surveillance law to be brought in with cross-party support. The move has been prompted by a judicial review claim in the high court that current practice is unlawful.

David Cameron explains why new surveillance laws are needed and what they will allow. Controversial emergency laws will be introduced into the Commons next Monday to reinforce the powers of security services to require internet and phone companies to keep records of their customers’ emails and calls. The move follows private talks over the past week and the laws will have the support of Labour and the Liberal Democrats on the basis that there will be a sunset clause and a new board to oversee the functioning of the powers.

So folks here it is. We’ve been talking about these privacy and data laws for 2 years now. The Edward Snowden revelations brought it out into the open, but what does our apparently ‘eurosceptic’ big Cheese Dave Cameroni do?

He harmonises the laws in line with the EU, and legalises the capture of private data by GCHQ. Good representative governance Dave, serving the interest of the public at large.

6 – Purple Pigs Pay Pal So,you’ve probably already noticed some changes to the website – Purple Pigs right? Ok, let me explain…

As you’re already aware, up until the end of last month, thEUnit was funded directly by Trevor Colman MEP via the European Union. Somewhat ironic perhaps, but the truth none the less! Right now, we’re looking to the new raft of eurosceptic MEP’s across the UK in an effort to work them into promoting the truth about the European Union, in their regions and to help them awaken their constituents.

Of course, whilst our search continues we have mortgages to pay, families to provide for and of course, maintaining the infrastructure, facilities and services here at thEUnit all costs money. We believe that the value we bring, with news, speaking events, video and promotional work, is second to none. ThEUnit operates on a budget of just 100,000.

Imagine, that is just 10% of the UK Independence Party’s expenses on just its Party Political broadcasts for the month up to the European Elections. For that, one tenth of their campaign pot, we have delivered a year round service and awoken thousands of people to what is really going on in Europe. Without funding, we’re dead in the water, that’s the truth of the matter.

But we’re not going down without a fight and that’s what the Purple Pigs and PayPal buttons are all about. So here’s how you can help us. If you want to help fund us directly, then use the PayPal subscription button on the right hand side of our site to make a regular donation.

We’ve costed out four options and if you’re able to work with us and support us this way, then I thank you personally and on behalf of the rest of the team.. Thank You! Of course, that’s not going to be for everybody and that’s where the Purple Pigs come in.

They’re our “back snouts”, our truffle hunters if you will. We have teamed up with the Utility Warehouse discount club. In a nutshell they provide gas, electricity, telephone, broadband internet and mobile phones at discount prices.

They are a FTSE 250 listed UK Public Limited company, but you’ve probably not heard of them because they don’t advertise. They reach their customers through a network of distributor partners, like us. So click on the Purple Pigs on our website and take a look at their website.

Get a quote for some services and if you choose to switch to them, they’ll give us a one off payment of between 10 and 40 pounds and an ongoing commission of 1 or 2 pounds a month. Let’s face it, the work we do has changed the perception of thousands of people and if we want to bring back Britain as a country governed by the people of Britain, for the people of Britain, we’re not going to do it without your help. So come on, give us a hand.

I’m Rick Timmis reporting for ThEUnit Nighly News…

I’ll see you soon…

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