VIDEO: On-pitch brawl and streakers at Royal Marine vs Parachute …

3:51pm THE match ended 31-14 to the Royal Marines.

3:49pm PLENTY of you have been commenting on Facebook: Neil Viirgin said: “Lol…RM v Parachute Regiment what did people expect teacakes and Pimms? Bit of fun got slightly out of hand i would have thought…” Dopey Doughnut added: “We’ll send these lads all round the globe to kill or be killed, and for that they play hard with no one but their own as witness’s. Leave ‘em alone ffs.” Philip Tucker posted: “In reality no big deal.

Two groups of young men who are trained to undertake violence playing rugby with victory and honour at stake. “This is a little bit of a scuffle. I would have expected worse. I remember once in the RAF playing football against Thames Valley Police.

They really were a bunch of thugs. They would threaten to break your legs and if you responded threatened to nick you for speeding after the game.” 2:05pm BEFORE the match started, youngsters from North Petherton Rugby Club provided a guard of honour to welcome the teams onto the pitch. Pictured in white is the Royal Marines team: Pictured in burgandy is the Parachute Regiment team: 1:56pm ONE of the streakers is tackled to the ground by a player.

1:54pm ONE of the streakers heads on to the pitch, followed by others, causing a mixture of shock and cheering in the crowd.

1:08pm JACK Matthews, president of Taunton Rugby Club, said people streaking and fighting on a rugby pitch is not a weekly occurrence. He said: That is untrue, the game at our level is played hard, fair and clean. All we did was stage the match on behalf of them, we did not organise it we just let them use our facilities.

We promote proper clean rugby.

12:58pm WHAT do you think of this? Was it a storm in a teacup or not? Let us know your thoughts by commenting on this story below.

12:56pm MONEY raised from the event went to Royal Marines charity Go Commando, who support members of Taunton’s 40 Commando. Go Commando chief executive Debbie Tyler-Davis played down the brawl, describing it as high spirits which bubbled over. She said: It was just one of those things, both teams were eager to win and there were two highly charged sets of guys.

The boys got a bit heated but it was not drastic it is not a big issue. It happens on football matches and rugby games every Saturday and in big games at Twickenham so it is sad when it is only highlighted for a military match. She also said the event is primarily a sporting fixture as both teams contested the Trafalgar Cup, not a family charity event.

The match was hosted by the Royal Marines at Taunton Rugby Club to celebrate their 350th anniversary.

12:49pm THIS video was uploaded to Facebook and has been shared by more than 600 people. The County Gazette has edited the video to remove full frontal nudity.

12:44pm A STILL image from the video shows players from both teams coming together in the middle of the pitch.

12:36pm A FIGHT broke out after streakers invaded the pitch during a rugby match between the Royal Marines and the Parachute Regiment at Taunton Rugby Club yesterday (July 18). A video from one spectator shows a number of streakers run on to the pitch mid-way through the match.

A rugby player tackled one of the streakers to the ground which then sparked a brawl between both sides.

Spectators can be seen to run on to the pitch to help break-up the scrap.

A video of the fight will be online shortly.

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Fusiliers regiment collects 4,000 to erect four flagpoles in honour of …

Fusiliers regiment collects 4,000 to erect four flagpoles in honour of Gallipoli heroes 5:49pm Wednesday 2nd July 2014 in News 1 MILITARY bosses are hoping they will be able to fly the flag on an extra-special weekend. On August 3, a civic parade will take place through Bury town centre to mark the anniversary of the start of World War One. On the same day, there will be a service in The Gallipoli Garden at the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers 2 headquarters in Moss Street, to commemorate the Battle of Minden in 1759.

Plans are in place for an action-packed day, but there is one aspect missing flags. Since the Fusiliers moved into their new home in 2009, they have been short of flagpoles to fly four important emblems the Union flag, the Regiment s flag, the Lancashire Fusiliers flag and the flag of HMS Euryalus, with which the regiment is affiliated. The regiment has now collected 4,000 from members and supporters to pay for four 22ft-high flagpoles that will proudly display the flags in The Gallipoli Garden.

Regiment bosses have now asked Bury Council for permission to put up the flagpoles as, technically, all of the flags except the Union flag are classed as advertisements. A consultation period is now under way and councillors are expected to reach a decision by August 8. But regiment leaders are hoping a judgement will be made sooner.

It will look good and be the missing piece in the puzzle at the new headquarters, said Colonel Mike Glover, regimental secretary for the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. He added: The flags will exemplify the relationship between the regiment and Bury and will serve a as a symbol of pride. Our main aim is to have the flags in place for next April s Gallipoli anniversary events, but it would be extra special if we got the permission in time for the first weekend in August.

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Brighton and Hove councillor facing disciplinary for “hired killers …

Councillor faces disciplinary for offensive tweet 7:00am Wednesday 2nd July 2014 in News 1 By Jamie Micklethewaite & Henry Holloway 2 A councillor who called British soldiers hired killers is facing disciplinary action from his own party. The Green Party yesterday confirmed they will start a disciplinary process after Councillor Ben Duncan 3 made his controversially tweet during Armed Forces Day. In the tweet he stated: Armed Forces Day has certainly brought the hired killers on to the streets of #Brighton today.

Hard to explain to my son . A spokesman for the Green Party said: In light of the Twitter comments made by Councillor Ben Duncan on Saturday, the Green Party of Brighton and Hove has started a formal disciplinary process. A panel will now be formed to determine what, if any, further action is warranted.

Coun Duncan has faced calls to resign after a series of controversial tweets including false allegations of a councillor wearing a swastika. He also caused shock in 2012 by tweeting: I only smoke weed when I m murdering, raping and looting . He apologised on Monday over the Armed Forces comments.

He tweeted: Apols for offence caused by tweet re soldiers on streets. Many will have been remembering loved ones who died and it was insensitive to their loss . Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavilion, called his comments unacceptable .

She said: I immediately called on him to apologise for the offence and distress he has caused. I also called on the local Green party to take disciplinary action. Personally I think he should no longer sit alongside the Green Group on the council.

I have a huge appreciation for the role of the men and women of our armed forces. Cllr Duncan s comments do not reflect the Green Party s position or mine. Although my own role is separate from that of the city council, I d like to offer my own sincere apologies for the distress Coun Duncan s insensitive comments have caused.

l Bereaved mothers who lost sons in war are appalled by the comments. Some expressed the desire for a sit-down meeting with Coun Duncan. Jacqui Janes, of Portslade, who lost her son Jamie, of the 1st Battalion The Grenadier Guards, in Afghanistan in 2009, said: This man needs sacking now.

All the military families are up in arms. There are quite a few military mothers in Brighton and he must be aware there are people who have lost their lives from the city. She vowed a mass gathering of military families if Mr Duncan does not step down.

Carol Brackpool, 59, from Crawley, who lost her son John, of the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment, Welsh Guards, in Afghanistan in 2009, said: I cannot believe people would call our troops killers when they fight for free speech. My son went into the army to fight for his Queen and country so people like Ben Duncan can sleep safely in their bed at night. Carol Valentine, 55, who lost son Simon, of the 2nd Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers in Afghanistan, said: A councillor is supposed to represent the public.

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